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Modern Valor Dating is more than just the fastest growing dating company in the world…

The men who are choosing to change their lives and gain both the confidence and competence to meet, attract and date the most beautiful women who’s their personal 10 come to us from all over the world.

I want to take this time to congratulate you in advance. By the sole fact of you reading this, it’s probably safe to say that you are someone who is looking for a change in your dating life.

Here’s what I found out in years of helping guys in this area of their life…
The smart ones are the ones who reach out for expert advice. And consequently they’re the ones who get results.

Look, I know meeting women can be anxiety-inducing. Especially when you don’t know what to say or do.

That’s why we’re here. We take the guesswork out of the equation so that you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it when meeting women.

But even more important than that, we’ll help you get in the right head-space and guide you from where you are now to become the man you want to be: Attractive, Confident, Competent.

modern valor dating logo
modern valor dating logo

Our First Live Event!!

Prepare yourself for over 2 hardcore hours of intense dating and attraction training… both seminar AND “infield” to maximize your results… and 100% absolutely FREE! Join our executive dating coaches as we deliver one of the best (and free) relationship workshops you’ll ever see in your life.

MVD Live Events are recommended for men of ALL skill levels. Seating, however, is very limited.

Live events re also streamed online for those who can’t attend. (although in-person attendance is recommended for the exercises, live coaching, and in-field experience.)

3-Day Bootcamp

Spend three days with us and discover exactly how to approach a girl you see in your everyday life.

In three days, you will conquer any anxiety you have and know exactly what to do when you see a beauty walking down the street. You’ll learn how to connect with a girl. This is the most popular option for our students because we hold these all over the world.

The MVD Mastermind

Spend three days with us and discover exactly how to approach a girl you see in your everyday life.

In three days, you will conquer any anxiety you have and know exactly what to do when you see a beauty walking down the street. You’ll learn how to connect with a girl. This is the most popular option for our students because we hold these all over the world.

12 weeks Mentorship

This is a comprehensive 12-week mentorship program designed to
walk you through the different intricacies of dating.
It is the culmination of 12 years in reference experience dating, hooking up and field testing every theory there is in game. I will share the result of every successful and unsuccessful social experiment.

I will tell you stories about the highs and the lows of the game. I will share
what I learned from coaching students in the field, how to learn the
necessary skills effectively.

How Can a 30-Minute Call Change Your Dating Life?

Start Getting Results Immediately And Take The First Steps
To A Dating Life Full Of Abundance

The problem with generic dating advice is just that. It’s not specific to you, it can’t take into consideration the set of circumstances that you are currently dealing with.

In order to make the changes you want, you’ll need action steps tailored to your situation.

And yes, lasting changes do not happen in one sitting. Anyone telling you that would be blatantly lying to you and I can guarantee that person is just out to get something from you.

The guys who get results are action-takers. There might be areas in meeting women that you are struggling with and are keeping you from having the dating life you want. Sometimes all you need is someone to point you in the right direction.

If you’re struggling with plateaus, sticking points or if you don’t know where to start. We’ll help you sort things out and identify the right path that leads towards your dating goals.

Stop procrastinating on your ideal life man. A lot of high-quality women are looking to meet men who are in their path. Winners take action. Click the button below to schedule a 1-on-1 call with one of our executive coaches to get you started on your path.


What Our Clients Are Saying...

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Our Coaches

With each having his own unique personal experience our team of dedicated professional dating coaches possess not only an advanced understanding of dating dynamics but also the rare ability to transfer that understanding to you in a digestible and, more importantly, actionable way. Ensuring that you are on the right pace to reach your dating goals with the women you want to be with.

Dale Valor

Dale Valor

Dale has always been extremely passionate about the things he does. But when it came to women and social interactions, he always felt out of his element, always anxious and uncertain about what to do and what to say. Until he discovered that you can learn to be better with meeting women. Dale took massive action as he learned from all the gurus and ideas in this area of attraction and seduction piecing together his own blueprint by putting everything under the microscope, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t. With more than a decade put into the game, having had tremendous success with some of the most beautiful women, Dale went on to start teaching men how he did it, how anyone committed to success in this area can do it without going to the lengths he’d gone through. He started Modern Valor Dating with a mission to help guys become their best selves to attract the best women.

Troy Valor

For years Troy lived in this trap of constant anxiety and awkwardness, especially in his dating life which suffered tremendously because of it. When he finally decided he had enough of living in fear he started approaching women in college when he was 22. slowly but surely he built up his confidence and social skills. Soon he learned that there is an actual method, an art, to attraction and seduction. Since then his dedication to understanding dating dynamics and female psychology led him to his passion for helping other men become more confident, attractive, and successful in their dating lives.

Troy Valor
Hüseyin Valor

Hüseyin Valor

From a more introverted computer engineering background with a master’s degree in Information Technology to working on and developing his social skills Hüseyin a.k.a. “Maxmanus” devoted himself to mastering the art of approaching and attracting beautiful women as well as deeply understanding female psychology he has since dedicated his time and efforts in pursuit of his newfound passion of helping guys overcome their deeply held limiting beliefs that are keeping them from the dating life they want.Hüseyin is known to consistently get the shy introverted student to confidently approach and attract beautiful and high-quality women.

Andrew Valor

Andrew Valor

Andrew is a business owner, author and social media marketer with 15 years of dating experience and 10 years of coaching hundreds of hard cases. Andrew has worked with some of the top and most well known dating companies as an assistant coach and marketing manager. He’s traveled to over 30 countries training men and women all around the world on how to improve their dating skills, communication tactics, business mindsets, and live a higher quality of life. Andrew specializes in “hard cases” and training coaches.

Dani Valor

Always passionate and driven to help others Danilynn decided to use her background in Psychology, her many years as a bartender, and her experience as a dating coach to helping you find out what it is you really want and how to get it when it comes to relationships and dating. Aside from probably hearing and seeing it all when it comes to pickup lines, she had since put herself through etiquette classes and is now certified in American and Continental formal dining. She can take anyone who is a little rough around the edges and polish them up to help you get the girl/guy of your dreams. Having a female perspective gives her a unique advantage. She knows what women want, she understands the female experience making it easier to help you get the girl! Having worked with guys before also gives her very unique insight that can definitely help out the ladies too!

Dani Valor

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Frequently Ask Questions

Modern Valor Dating is the fastest-growing dating advice company in the world, built upon the vision of giving guys the most value possible in their self-development, to give them what they need to be the best, most attractive version of themselves.

We understand that to get what you want in life you first have to know what it is you want and not settle for anything less than that.

Here at Modern Valor Dating, we have an amazing team of dedicated coaches who are passionate about what they teach and uniquely capable of giving you what you need to achieve your goals and get what you want out of working with us.

The differences in coaching styles and teaching methodology between coaches are irrelevant, what matters is what gets results, and what works best for you.

To learn more about our coaches click here.

Modern Valor Dating’s flagship program that is specifically designed to improve your dating life and get you results with women as quickly as possible.

This program is the result of years of going out, honing the right social skills, and laying out the blueprint of a successful dating life. It is full of actionable advice that is essential to building up your core confidence, understand the male-female dynamics to an entirely new level, and know exactly where you are in an interaction without worrying about what to do or say next.

If you’re interested in this type of program that will undoubtedly change your life for the better, click here to learn more.

MVD is primarily based in Detroit Michigan where founder, Dale Valor lives, and where most live events take place. However, MVD has coaches around the world in a number of countries like Germany, The Netherlands, India, etc.

Refusing to let geographic location limit the amount of value we are giving you, MVD is making sure we can reach out to wherever you are in the world and get you the information you need.

We have online programs that give you what you need to learn at your own pace. Or, if you are really dedicated to improving yourself and get the best possible results with women we will come to you and coach you live wherever you are in the world.

And when other dating coaches will charge you an arm and a leg to coach you, our programs are insanely affordable and dare I say, even more, effective than the programs you’re accustomed to seeing with expensive ads and exaggerated claims.

We can coach you where you are in the world, we’ll come to you and get you results in your area. No need for expensive travel arrangements to learn in places that are culturally different from where you are, approaching women different from where you live. Attract the women in your area, learn the subtleties of dating without hurting your bank account, or going anywhere, we’ll come to you! Click here to learn more.

With all the information online, I understand how it can be very overwhelming and confusing. As a beginner to getting better with women, you must remember that taking action is by far the best way to improve yourself, gain experiences, and learning from mistakes.

That said, once you understand the importance of taking action, it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself the right advice to “hit the ground running” so to speak.

I suggest scheduling a free call with one of our coaches so we can give you the right advice and strategy for your goals. It’s just 30 minutes of your time and can absolutely result in massive changes in perspective. A lot of our students have had massive epiphanies and breakthroughs in 1 free 30-minute call. Click here to schedule your free coaching call today

We take your privacy and security extremely seriously. We do not give your personal information to anyone. We ask for your name and contact information to connect with you especially when you sign up for one of our programs.

The Modern Valor Dating 3-Day Bootcamp is a live program designed to give the student valuable infield experience and realtime feedback. It includes both extensive classroom-style theory sessions and, more important live coaching out in the real world. It is designed to accelerate your progress and cut your learning curve in the shortest possible time while getting you the results\ you want with women as quickly as possible

If you’re interested in the 3-Day Bootcamp click here to learn more

We have hours and hours of videos full of helpful advice and other content on dating and attraction in our official YouTube channel. We also post regular content and do live Q&As over at Instagram. And be sure to join our Facebook Group not only to stay updated to anything MVD but also to be a part of a community of guys dedicated to becoming they’re best selves.

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Path To Selfishness By Dale Valor

Dale Valor’s upcoming book will cover little known concepts and rarely explored ideas on carving out the blueprint of the life you want to walk your own path. It will show you how to separate yourself from everyone else following what is “expected” of them by society and get you to become a true man of value.

Modern Valor Dating Podcast

The Modern Valor Dating Podcast hosted by Dale Valor and Ajay Delarosa will give you all the unique insights, awesome stories, and experiences from years in the game. We’ll cover everything from the basics of approaching a hot girl to all the intricacies of modern dating.

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Modern Valor Dating is partnering up with the newest and most revolutionary education platforms to bring you the best programs and courses designed to get you results without breaking the bank.