Modern Valor Dating


Building Comfort

Comfort and rapport building may not sound as sexy as “Attraction” or “Seduction”…

And yet they’re crucial if you want to have success with women! 

In fact, without enough comfort, any attempt at building attraction or (worse) seduction, will be perceived as creepy, offensive, or at the very least, ignored by most women.

You know the stereotype of the guy who continuously hits on girls and can’t take a hint? That’s because those guys shove “flirting” down the woman’s throat without calibrating and building enough rapport.

She’s not going to flirt back if she doesn’t feel COMFORTABLE  around you.

I can’t stress that enough!

As a  matter of fact, the same goes for other areas of influence outside of dating. Building comfort is key…

Let’s take sales as an example…

We don’t buy a product from a person or a company that we don’t trust. Every half-decent salesperson and entrepreneur understands this

You can even go back and look back at ideas from evolutionary psychology. It’s a self-preservation mechanism embedded deep within each person, even more so in women as the failure to choose the right mate can prove to be genetic suicide. 

That’s why it’s very important to know how to build comfort and rapport with the women you are meeting.  

And I’m not saying this for you to use it as a manipulation tactic. 

This is how we build genuine connections and enjoy someone’s company. Ultimately, you’ll be giving her what she’s looking for and in the end everyone gets what they want

It’s a win-win!

So, How do you build comfort? How can create a deep rapport and connect with her on another level?

As it happens, our upcoming virtual live event for this month will focus on building this deep comfort.

I highly recommend signing up as early as you can and remember to clear up your calendar for October 30. You wouldn’t want to miss any of it. 

Plus, there will be a Q&A session afterwards. So you’ll get all your questions answered by the end of it. 


And it’s completely free to join! All we ask is that you invite other guys you know who will benefit from the event to sign up as well…

The virtual live event will be held via ZOOM call on October 30 @ 3 pm (EST)

See you there!