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Storytelling Live Event

The untold  power of storytelling…

Have you ever come across a brilliant storyteller? 

Whether it’s a speech or in a conversation the magnetic effect of stories captivate us in a distinctive way.

Stories draw us in they catch and keep our attention and when done right they can be a very powerful way of getting your message through to someone. 

If you can express yourself through stories your on the top tier as a communicator.

Storytelling as a skill is like a charisma cheat code. When Yu can tell amazing stories it automatically builds up your value to anyone who’s listening AND it build up your rapport and comfort levels with them as they are getting to know yu through the stories.

It achieves these thing which don’t usually go hand in hand together. and they’re both important in every social interaction especially in dating. Women LOVE stories  that’s why a lot of them spend a lot on romance novels and  thrillers. There are even those obsessed with fanfics online. 

Women love a good emotional rollercoaster.

So, How can you become a better storyteller? how do you learn this skill? where do you start?

I though about just ding a vide on it to get you started on practicing as a skill When it hit me: why just put out a video when you can learn more if we dedicate a whole live event on it. you’ll get A LOT MORE actionable information and you can ask me and the other coaches your questions. 

That’s why I wanted to focus a live event entirely on STORYTELLING. And that’s what we’re gonna do.

On the 24th of April, 2021 at 3:00 pm I along with the other coaches will be on a live call with you via ZOOM, and there, we will be going through the different types and practical applications of Storytelling. 

Here are some of the thing’s we’ll be talking about

🗹 How to tell captivating stories that catches people’s attention and piques interest.

🗹 How to increase your value through stories.

🗹 How to build deep connection and comfort as you tell your story.

🗹 What are the types of stories that communicate your attractiveness.

🗹 How to use your tonality and body language to become a powerful storyteller.

🗹 How to set up a story so that you won’t lose people’s attention. 

🗹 How to start improving and using storytelling in everyday life.

Actually, there are more to be discussed regarding this topic we’re just not gonna list them all here. (we’re space efficient like that. lol.)

And, I’m sure you have a lot of questions about the different aspects of storytelling. We suggest that you start writing them down as soon as today and ask them in the Q&A part of the Live Event. There’s your chance to get professional coaching absolutely for FREE. I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity.

Again the virtual live event will be on April 24, 2021, at 3 PM EST. Mark your calendars now and register to join via ZOOM