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Falling into the friendship route with a girl you like

Falling into the ‘Friendship’ Route With A Girl You Like

Going down the friendship route with a girl that you like is a bad idea…

Long story short. DON’T DO IT! This way is the wrong way to start. Because even when you went on a date with her, she will block your escalation attempts. She will be open to relationships while you are trying to attract her.

Listen to me for a second; if you do not take responsibility for losing a girl, you cannot win a girl. The woman you like wants to be approached by you. You need to show her that you can approach, you can take the risk of rejection, being rejected is not the end of the day. There are plenty of women out there and searching for a man like you. That’s why merely settling for and falling into the so-called friendship route with a girl you like is absurd!

Let me tell you something…

Back in the day, I was approaching around my dormitory, and supermarkets are very close. So, I approached a girl from our dormitory, and she rejected me very rudely. I saw her again and guess what!? I reapproached her; yeah, reapproaches are the keyword here. She gave me a different type of rejection, wait, it was not a rejection. I realized that I already talked with her and left.

Women are emotional creatures and have states.

So, if a woman was angry to you it does not mean she will be mad at you again. She can also exchange her phone number with you, when you reapproached her, but this is a tiny percentage.

Anyways the critical point is I did not offer any friendship or anything, I just made my approach, and things went the wrong way; since she was living in my dorm, I see her every day, but we do no talk and continue our lives. You do not need to worry that much about the situation. 

Another memory that I have is, I approached a girl before I got the train to Cologne. She was from Poland. When the train arrived, I asked for her phone number, and she deflected. When we were on the train, we talked, and I showed her my Polish skills and shared my memories related to Poland. Then she said, “Ok, we can exchange but as a ‘friend’.” Here is the keyword “friend”. I would not say I liked this when I approached a girl.

Avoid Falling into the friendship route with a woman you like

Never take that route. Because even when you went on a date, she will make roadblocks to your sexual escalation. It would be hard to change her frame. I tried to spike her emotions, but yeah, it did not work. She was always saying, friends. Never ever. She must be on the same page just like you are. 

There you have it. Falling into the friendship route with a girl you like is never a good idea. If you’re having trouble telling whether she likes you or not check out my post on this topic.

If you have more questions on this topic I’d be happy to answer them for you just book a coaching call with me for free. Afterward, we can start working together! 

Good luck.

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