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How to Be A World Class Storyteller To Build Deep Connections

For a long time, I could not develop a deep connection with a woman.  After I started approaching women on the street to talk to them, I was really good at carrying a conversation.  I could talk a lot, which is actually a pretty easy skill to master.  

Think of a time you were with a friend and you just started rambling.  You didn’t care if your friend judged you, because it’s your friend! 

So, you just kept talking and talking and lost track of how much you were talking because you just enjoyed the vibe.  This is pretty easy.  So, when you know you can do that, the next step is making conversations more meaningful.  How do you do that without trying too hard?

You already have the answer: Your life.  Share real stories from your life.  Storytelling lets other people get to know you, and furthermore, it can help you get to know yourself.  

Telling stories from your life and describing the feelings and emotions you experienced during those times helps you digest your life experiences, but it also helps the person you are connecting with getting to know you.

Here’s something that guys are notorious for not understanding.  Generally speaking, women are more emotionally intuitive than men, whereas men tend to be more logical.  Yet, why do so many men try to convince women to date them with logic?  

It doesn’t make any sense. 

You can’t convince a woman to feel a deep connection with you based on logic, because the root of a deep connection is purely emotional.  She has to feel good around you.  She has to feel like she can trust you.  She has to FEEL the connection between you and her.

When you tell stories and describe the emotions you felt during these life experiences, she will feel them with you.  It’s like a 6th sense that women have.  They can feel your vibe as you re-experience these emotions.

 Try to paint a picture.  Describe in detail what happened, how you felt, and take her along the ride with you as you tell the story. 

Avoid any of this “I went to a place and sat down and it was cool” BS.  Describe how you felt walking into the place, who was there when you sat down, how you felt about them, and how the whole experience made you feel.  Try to focus on positive stories where you felt your best, or if you didn’t, at least that you stayed strong while not feeling your best.  

The bottom line is that women don’t want you to convince them with logic, they want a better sense of how you feel about yourself as a man.  They want to make sure you are confident in your own skin.  

What better way than to share detailed stories about your life?


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