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How To Handle Rejection Like A Man

Let’s be honest here, putting ourselves out there in the world can be quite scary.  This is true for both professional and social situations. 

And I know there’ll be some meathead reading this that’s going to be all “macho” and blabber on about not being afraid of anything which we all know is total BS.

Okay bro, you’re “the man” give me a break…

Every one has insecurities, I have them, you have them. Much like everyone has fears. And a a very common on is the fear of rejection, the uncertainty of putting yourself out there. Especially when it comes to meeting women…

This is because, unlike in a professional setting, when you get rejected approaching a woman it’s easy to feel like she’s rejecting who you are as a person.

But that’s not what’s actually going on isn’t it? The rejection can mean a lot of things, a number of which has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Don’t take it Personally

Who knows? She might’ve just received news of death by loved one, she could’ve just broken up with a longtime boyfriend, or got fired from her job and she’s not in a particularly receptive mood to be approached by anyone. Or, maybe she’s out with a friend she hasn’t seen a very long ting and looking to catch up and not get hit on by guys. 

Going further you might have fumble thge approach, said something uncalibrated or offensive to her and she’s just not having it.

In any case she’s rejecting your approach, not you as a person. And how could she? She doesn’t even know you to make an educated judgement of who you are. All she has is a small sample size that she got from your approach. 

If how your approaching is the problem, and your getting blown out over and over. Good news! That’s something we can work on. Don’t feel down or be harsh on yourself man. I used to feel that way too. The secret is to focus on the things you can control not feel sorry for the things that you can…

Even the top dating coaches in the world gets rejected man. There’s just no infield videos for that. (wouldn’t it be nice to see a rejection compilation? lol)

Learn from Them

When I first started out I didn’t have the resources you have today. What I do have is the mindset that everything is a learning experience. Especially the times that I do fail and get rejected…

I reverse engineered these failed approaches and broke them down to see what went wrong. Once i got that down I tested doing my approach differently the next time around. I did this over and over until I reached the point where I not only have awesome experience with beautiful women but I also have the privilege of show guys such as yourself how to do it in your own life.

So what seems to be rather painful rejections can give you unique, important insights you can build on for success later on. But that only comes about if you’re open to learning, if you see every experience as something you can learn from. Trust me, the payoff is awesome.


Especially if you’re actually working on being the best version of yourself, why would you stress about a couple of girls rejecting you? It’s not your fault that they don’t see the value you can offer (unless you’ve failed to communicate as much, in which case you do need to work on that.)

Having an abundance mindset is fundamental to having success with women (or success with anything in life, really). There’s ton’s af beautiful women in the world man, getting upset just because a few said no to you is a very depressing way to go about it. 

Think of approaching women like mining. You’re looking for the ones you find attractive that’s going to appreciate what you bring to the table.

On a side tangent here. It is important that you know wat it is that you bring to the table. Finding and staying on YOUR path is paramount. Knowing what you actually want in life and knowing wha you want in nthe women in your life isn’t a “feel good” advice it’s actually important for you to get it. Afterall you can’t reach a goal if you don’t know what it is in the first place. Right?


You can get blown out by women over and over. An handle it like a man.(Of course constant rejection might call for a different tactic so maybe switch up your approach as well)

But the only true failure is if you reject yourself, if you let fear get the better of you an if you let your excuses stop you from taking action. That’s what true failure really is– giving up on yourself before you even play the game.

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