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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Can you tell if the girl you’re talking to likes you?

Hey mate, hopefully, so far, you gained so much value.

This week I want to talk about a sign of interest that women give when they like you. It is all about time. You will realize the difference between a woman who is not interested and a woman who is really into you right from the moment you said “Hi!”

I will tell the biggest I.O.I. at the end

So, please keep reading and check out my other posts too. When you said Hi to her, she will stop and give her attention to you entirely. She will not be busy, e.g., checking her phone, etc. Hence you know it does not matter what you said her to open. Start the conversation. This is another blog topic, but anyway.

Big Bambi eyes, even you can catch while she was looking at your lips. This means she is so into you, and she is thinking about kissing you. If you have the courage, go for the kiss!

She will brush her hair without knowledge. Unconsciously. Her face can turn in red. Have you ever questioned why women make makeup and use red color? Here is the reason because she wanted to attract you.

She will comply with your request if she likes you in a certain level…

For example, you can even give her a small task, “Come here for a second…” and take the lead, move her to another place.

When you asked for instadate if she is really into you, she can accept it. When you asked for her phone number, she will give it. When you said, “give me a high five,” or when you asked, “what is your hand size?” she will not frustrate to touch you. She will obey.

During conversation, keep your mouth shut for 10-15 seconds if she is asking personal questions. Congratulation, she is also into you. But some girls are shy, so this is not a right way to decide about her attraction level. You need to be physical for shy girls and look what she is doing when you are holding her hand. This is the situation you need to look at.

She is happy to talk with you, and she will carry the conversation. Therefore, do not worry about what happens when your talk is dried.

If she finds you attractive and has sexual interest in you…

She will be nervous. She should be playing with her necklace, bracelet, or accessory that she is wearing. This is a perfect sign.

She will laugh a lot at your silly jokes.

She will always smile at your face. This is one of the most important signs. When you opened her, that is how you can say she likes you or not.

She leans into you, and she will try to touch you, so look at her actions again.

And another sign that she’s into you is I was talking about pauses

Give pauses during your conversation, and if she is not interested, she will try to say some lame excuse and leave the conversation; otherwise, she will wait for your command and guess what, this is the biggest I.O.I. that a girl can give.

If she is still there for you, she is into you. This is the most trustable way to decide about her attraction level.

So, if you want to know deeply and learn more details of how to tell when the girl you’re talking to likes you, go to and book a free coaching call with me; I will explain everything deeply. Good luck on the field.


Hüseyin Valor.

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