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The Untold Power And Hidden Art of Reapproaching Beautiful Girls

Hey there. Today I will talk about reapproaches. If you are following me, I am talking about cold approaches, rejections, etc. When I was writing this post, I have a video series on my YouTube Channel called HHVALOR. Go there and start watching “Until Valentine’s, you will get a girlfriend”.

 Reapproaches are a part of the cold approaches.

If you live in a small city or know how to make cold approaches and start making reapproaches, do not worry; it is just part of the process. It is not about what you say how you react. Do not overreact. For example, just joke about it, “I think you met my twin brother; I am the good one”.

You can also tell the truth, something like “I talk like 300 girls every day” or “I talk many people, so that is why …” afterward change the topic and spike her emotions, calibrate it, then go for the number close.

But as a side note: Do not expect anything from reapproaches.

If you are approaching, try to memorize persons. Sometimes they might reject you in a bad way; you do not want to disturb them again. But in case you approached no problem, try again; women have states if she realized that she was rude, she will apologize from you.

Nevertheless, she rejects you because of any other reason, like a boyfriend. From my experience level, I did not see any result from reapproaches; even though that she exchanged with you, it does not mean you changed the situation. Trust me. Many fishes are waiting for you. Women are abundant, and you can move on to the next one.

If she is interested in you, I mean a high level of interest; she will not pass you and reject you. She will not take you for granted. You are eventually looking for someone who values your time, not for a side plan or backup plan.

I also wrote about this angry girl in my dormitory last week that I approached. I was heading to a supermarket which is very close. I approached her one day, and she was furious.

My second approach was by mistake; she did not reject me, but I gave her a grade in my mind, and I left the set quickly without saying anything. Because you must have filters as I have. Otherwise, you will never know what you are looking for. In this case, minimum viable product. 

High-value men have abundance,

and beautiful women get approached a lot, and they know how to behave. I also remember my “F*ck off!” moment in the city center.

These are the moments you never forget. But even though you reapproached, it does not change the situation. You are on your path as a high-value man.

Until you reach the result you want, you must keep moving on. But if you still say I did not understand this part or need help, I need to talk with someone who can understand me; here I am offering a free coaching call.

You can book a coaching call with me for free. Afterward, we can start working together.

Good luck.

Hüseyin Valor

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