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Abundance Mindset

The Secret To Having The Abundance Mindset That Makes You Attractive To The Most Beautiful Women

I want to talk to you about abundance. Particularly having ant abundance mindset. Have you ever felt like lost and you cannot find someone else
better than her?

Long story short, WRONG.

There is always a better option remember this. You will always find someone better. In this world there are billions of women and you thought this was your
only chance.


First, you must remember that as men your value is automatically higher than
women. Women can provide just sex. But you my friend provide more than sex. Like security,
resources etc.

Know your values and move on. If she is not down to meetup with you if she is giving you wishy-washy answers guess what she has other options, and you are just a second plan. She should behave you like a king someone she cares a lot. You will see what I am talking about when you met with the right person.

But the question is do you know what the differences between high interest women and low interest women are because we are only looking for high interest women otherwise this would-be super time consuming for you.

Remember women love attention and if you are dealing with the wrong person, you are losing time which is not reversible.

Here it comes; abundance mentality. Basically, we believe there are always options exist you do not have to stick with someone you are not happy with. You must believe and realize that you can always
find someone better and it is about numbers game.

Focus on yourself and do not think it is someone else’s fault. Even it is, guess what no one cares. So be an action taker and start improving yourself.

I remember my first time with a girl which did not work, and I was feeling like I cannot find
someone who is better than her.

At that time, I was living in Poland and she rejected me because of
stupid reason. After some time when I was amateur about those situations, I felt bad and it took a
while to recover.

But now I know my value and you also must know your value and move on to next
girl. I give you promise as a man you will find the right women for you if you focus on yourself and
become better in this journey.

When I was talking about yourself this can be your hobbies, gym, food, diet, so on so forth.

For example, when I had been in that situation, I was fat and loosing weight and now I am better and
have athletic body and I can meet and talk any woman that I want.

I can go on dates instantly even in this country which cold people live, Germany.

Also let us say you started to date with someone but there is something you do not like about
her this can be about looks or behavior, inner quality of her.

You must know that you can find better and be careful about your expectations and what you want from a woman. For that you must have minimum viable product list. Which means your expectations from a woman that you want to date and have future. For more you can go to my YouTube channel HHVALOR.

Also, guys at the beginning of any kind of relationship the moment that she understood she
has you, it is done. There is no mystery and no challenge. having abundance mindset mens that you are non-reactive to her

You must always be ready to walk away and moving on should not be a problem for a high-quality man. Because high quality men always have options, and you need to show her that by your actions and lifestyle.

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If you want to learn more about having an abundance mindset. or if you have a dating problem you want to ask about you can book a coaching call with me for free, afterwards we can start working

Good luck.
Hüseyin Valor

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