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Nice Guys Always Finish Last

The Uncomfortable Truth About Why Nice Guys Finish Last

I was reading an article lately from the London Daily Mail about how nice guys finish last in dating. Some relationship experts were throwing around the topic and the answer is so obvious! Nice guys finish last because they’re too damn nice!

You may say “Well, that’s the topic though, duh.” and you’d be right BUT at the core, it’s the perception of “nice” that’s the problem. We’re raised in the society of “go along to get along” and “don’t make waves” to the point of neutering ourselves. 

A lot of these problem stems from a lack of understanding about female psychology. most guys simply do not understand women and how they perceive things

So do you need to act like a complete douche to get girls?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with treating somebody kindly but where the problem lies is when being nice is our ultimate value. Where being assertive, setting boundaries, and saying “no” take a back seat to niceness.

Trust me when I say…. women aren’t attracted to nice, they’re attracted to being real. They want someone that will act in a time of crisis and stand up for their convictions.

You don’t need to be a total asshole or a complete jerk to attract women. in fact that will definitely get you nowhere (or possibly in jail if you do it right).

Just be a man who knows who you are and where you are going. Most of the dating problems guys have stems from the fact that they haven’t figured these out yet.

Once you know who you are when you turn it up to eleven and find the girls who’d be into that. Learn how to communicate your value when talking to women. be unapologetically you (within reason of course).

A comprehensive examination of why nice guys finish last…

Actually, I go into my thoughts about this topic even more in a YouTube video we uploaded early, You can watch it right now if you haven’t yet.

As parting advice, if there’s one vital takeaway from all this: do not fall into the “people-pleaser” trap it is not only unattractive but borderline manipulative, deceptive, and inauthentic. don’t be that guy.

Stop being a “nice” guy and start being a “good” man.

Let’s get it!

Dale Valor

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